1. Star Asia Pacific has a zero-tolerance policy for Chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment that is shown to be valid will be permanently blacklisted and barred using the service. Any past due charges and costs will be sent to collections.
  2. The client understands and agrees that the complete Invoice amount (invoice worth ) will include the Star Asia Pacific consultation fee and the tax. However, the refund would be calculated only on the Star Asia pacific consultation fee. The tax component is non-refundable at any point.
  3. In case of rejection from the Immigration and Visa Authorities, Star Asia Pacific will repay the applicable amount according to stated in the agreement. If a customer fails to enclose a copy of the rejection letter or rejection postage on the customer’s passport, Star Asia Pacific will not refund applicable refund amount. The client also has to enclose the refund request form, a replica of their receipt for payment made to Star Asia Pacific. Failure to enclose these records will make the client ineligible for the refund.
  4. Any fees or other amounts/charges that were paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in the event of the candidate not obtaining approval of visa/immigration, or in case of rejection or non-acceptance of his/her program at any stage by any respective jurisdiction. The registration/processing fees include the charges towards the professional services rendered by Star Asia Pacific and does not include any program or assessing charges. The applicant agrees to pay the whole additional fees, as applicable throughout the processing.
  5. Star Asia Pacific has no reference to the marketplace charges and is as per the company standards to which the customer agreed. Any claims after the enrollment, like charges being too expensive and such, would not be amused and the applicant could have no right to contest the same as it had been explained and expressed through all the sources of advice. The client has been informed before enrolling.
  6. The application or processing fee paid to visa authorities or any other institution is the liability of the client and isn’t included in the service fees. Star Asia Pacific won’t entertain any claim of refund in case of rejection.
  7. The Customer should also understand and accept that no refund or transfer of Star Asia Pacific fee for your friend or a relative will probably be done if he or she abandons his/her application or decides to opt-out because of any reason throughout the event after he/she signs-up.
  8. The Customer should also know and accept that no refund or adjustment of Star Asia Pacific fee is going to be finished in case he or she abandons the original service/process he or she has signed-up for and makes the decision to switch over to some other service/process using Star Asia Pacific or selects for immigration to another nation.
  9. Star Asia Pacific is not a part of any authorities authority/organization or embassy. We’re a Private Limited company, and we don’t have the ability to give you a visa of any sort. We can only assist and advise individuals who want to migrate or travel to their chosen country.
  10. Our Agreements with customers are attracted to the bedrock of confidence, sincerity, and safety, and each alternative is spelled out clearly. Our terms are transparent, and there is nothing concealed.
  11. The Client agrees and acknowledges that the company does not imply or force any service/product/visa etc., and the pronouncement of a particular service/product/visa etc. is client’s individual decision. It can’t be anytime assumed to be a business judgment. We market all of the goods and educates all customers about the chances with no external pressure to have determined with this service/product/visa etc. The applicant has noticed all the aforementioned provisions in detail, agrees, and continues to adhere to all of the terms and conditions of signing/acknowledging this arrangement.

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